Sabbatical Leave for College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences Faculty

Sabbatical Leave Request Form


(From University of Maryland Baltimore County Faculty Handbook)
The primary purpose of a sabbatical leave is to afford opportunity to the faculty member to increase his or her professional standing and value to the institution. To be eligible for the sabbatical, the faculty member must have attain ed tenure in professorial rank and must have been on active, full-time service with the University for a period of at least six years, subsequent to any previously granted sabbatical leave; provided, moreover, that:

1. The faculty member will, at least six months prior to the beginning of the proposed leave period, submit a formal written request, setting forth clearly the nature of the proposed sabbatical project, and his or her reasons for believing that the project will be professionally beneficial both to the applicant and the University. The written request, together with an endorsement from the department and Dean to the effect that the faculty member’s service can be spared during the sabbatical leave period, will be forwarded to the Provost and President for final action.

2. The faculty member applying for sabbatical leave will, as a condition for being granted leave, agree to return promptly to the University at the termination of the sabbatical period, to remain in service for at least one academic year, except in circumstances in which the President of UMBC, the Chancellor of the University System, and the Board of Regents may decide otherwise.

3. Sabbatical leave usually will be granted for one 5-month or one 6-month period on full pay, or for one 10-month or one 12-month period on one-half pay for ten- and twelvemonth appointees respectively. In certain exceptional and meritorious circumstances, and where long and distinguished service to the University may strongly justify, approval may be granted for a sabbatical period of more than twelve months, but in no case for more than twenty-four months on one-half pay.

4. The faculty member on sabbatical leave will be permitted to accept, in addition to the pay he/she receives from the University, only such awards, grants, contracts, fellowships, et cetera, as may also be given in aid of the approved sabbatical project, the primary purpose of the sabbatical leave being to afford opportunity to the faculty member to increase his scholarly attainment. Compensation for occasional consulting services rendered during the period of sabbatical leave, such service not to exceed that which would conform with the University’s policy on consulting services, shall not be considered payments of salaries or wages.

5. Within three months of their return from sabbatical leave, faculty members will send to their Chair, Dean, and the Provost a summary report of their sabbatical activities, including a review of their work while on leave, a statement of publications prepared or anticipated, and their own assessment of the success of their leave.


Last updated January 7, 2017.