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Race, Equity, Inclusion & Justice

Photo by Marlayna Demond ’11 for UMBC

The College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences is committed to answering the longstanding problems of injustice, social inequality, and race relations. Across many disciplines, students will be challenged to face, understand, and think deeply about these issues. The path toward change is education, and the College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences provides students with an opportunity to learn how to improve the world around them.

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Spring 2017 Courses

Course Number Course Name Instructor
AFST 100 Introduction to the Black Experience Maleda Belilgne, Tammy Henderson, Thomas Robinson
AFST 205 Contemporary Black Popular Culture Tammy Henderson
AFST 206 Introduction to African History D.J. Turner
AFST 255 Psychology of the Black Experience in the United States Thomas Robinson
AFST 353 African American History Since 1865 Latif Tarik
AFST 360 Studies in Black Fiction Maleda Belilgne
AFST 369 Black Families in the US Tammy Henderson
AFST 439 Women in Africa and the Diaspora Iyelli Ichile
AMST 464 Immigration Nation: Examining Narrative of Immigration to the U.S. Tamara Bhalla
ANTH 211/ ANTH 211Y Cultural Anthropology Jana Rehak
ANTH 313 Applied Anthropology Jana Rehak
ECON 451 Labor Economics Lisa Dickson
ECON 467 Health Economics Christine Yee
ECON 478 Real Estate Economics and Finance Darryl Getter
ENGL 233 The Poetry of Resistance Tanya Olson
ENGL 307 Transgressing Boundaries Lindsay DiCuirci
ENGL 317 Diagnosing Gender Deborah Rudacille
ENGL 375 Special Topics: Langston Hughes Christopher Varlack
ENGL 407 Language and Society Lucille McCarthy
ENGL 411/ ENGL 666 Literature and Colonization Raphael Falco
ENGL 448/ ENGL 648 Scribbling Women and the American Periodical Lindsay DiCuirci
ENGL 464/ ENGL 664 Women in Medieval Literature and Culture Kathryn McKinley
ENGL 493/ ENGL 692 Baltimore: Race, Rhetoric, Technology Jennifer Maher
GES 341 Urban Geography Dena Aufseeser
GES 400 Global Poverty & Inequality Dena Aufseeser
GES 429/ GES 629 Seminar in Geography of Disease and Health Dawn Biehler
GES 437 Conservation & Development in the Tropics Margaret Holland
GWST 100 Introduction to Gender & Women’s Studies Allison Lakomski, Kathryn Kein
GWST 200 Studies in Feminist Activism Kathryn Drabinski
GWST 210/ AMST 210 Introduction to Critical Sexuality Studies Mejdulene Shomali
GWST 300 Methodologies of Gender, Women’s and Sexuality Studies Carole McCann
GWST 321 Queer Representations in Film and TV Kathryn Kein
GWST 322/ MLL 322/ AFST 347 Gender, Race and Media Allison Lakomski
GWST 338/ POLI 338 Women, Gender and Law Richard Otten
GWST 340 Women, Gender and Globalization Amy Bhatt
GWST 352/ CMSC 352/ IS 352 Women, Gender and Information Technology Michelle Benvenga
GWST 390/ GWST 392 Transnational Femininities Mejdulene Shomali
GWST 480 Theories of Feminism Kimberly Klinger
GWST 485 Sexuality and Queer Theory Kathryn Drabinski
GWST 495 Colloquium: Research and Activism Amy Bhatt
HIST 200 The Jewish Diaspora Isaac Eshel
HIST 374 European Women’s History Jessica Walker
HIST 411/ HIST 711 Digital Public History Denise D. Meringolo
HIST 449/ HIST 649 From Black Power to Black Lives Matter: The Black Freedom Struggle in the Post-Civil Rights Era George Derek Musgrove
HIST 463 Jews, Christians, and Muslims in the Middle Ages Susan McDonough
HIST 472 Victorian Britain Dan Ritschel
LLC 750 Race, Society and Policy Cedric Herring
MCS 334 Media, Communication and Globalization Rebecca Adelman
MUSC 352 Music in Wartime Lindsay Johnson
PHIL 399 Philosophy of Race Patrick O’Donnell
PSYC 400 Poverty and Child Development Susan Sonnenschein
PSYC 444 The Psychology of Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Julie Murphy
SOCY 611/ EDUC 611/ LLC 611 Constructing Race, Class and Gender Brandy Wallace