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Meet Andrew Beck

INDS Spring 2022 Graduate Highlight Series

B.A. INDS: Video Game and Puzzle Concept Design
Minor in Computer Science
Certificate in the Philosophy of Logic and Science

Degree Mentors

  • Marc Olano, Computer Science
  • James Thomas, Philosophy
  • Steven McAlpine, Individualized Study
Why did you choose to major in INDS?
When I first came to UMBC, I wanted to study genetics, before learning that I wanted to actually pursue my passion for video games. The computer science department offers a program in video game development but not design, which served as the basis for my degree. My degree combines writing, computer science, psychology, and philosophy of logic to achieve an interdisciplinary approach to game design. 

What are your plans for after graduation, and how do you see using your INDS degree?
I plan to enter the workforce in the games industry. My INDS degree has equipped me with experience in writing, game design, and coding, which will make me a competitive candidate in my job search. . 

Organic Panic! Game designer through INDS department, presented at URCAD on the redesign.

For more information on Andrew's INDS journey please click here:

Posted: May 9, 2022, 12:41 PM