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Ethnographies of Race, Space, and Place course | Spring 2022

Special topics course with Dr. Rebeca Gamez

The Language, Literacy & Culture Doctoral Program's visiting lecturer, Dr. Rebeca Gamez, is offering a special topics course in the Spring 2022 semester called Ethnographies of Race, Space, and Place, LLC 750.

This interdisciplinary seminar course extends students' knowledge of reading, writing, and theorizing ethnography and applies this knowledge to the analysis and understanding of ethnographic works that examine relationships between race, space, and place.

Part of the course will center and explore work that ethnographically (and qualitatively) explores the intersection of race, space, and place as it relates to Baltimore City.

We will ask questions such as:

How do we understand the relationship between race, space, and power?

How have the complex dynamics of race shaped geographic transformations and temporalities?

How do we study race, space, and place and what is the role of ethnography in this endeavor?

What are ethical ways to conduct place-based research?

Graduate students from outside the LLC Program are welcome. Please contact Dr. Gamez for course permission at rgamez@umbc.edu.

Please see the attached flyer for more details.

Posted: November 16, 2021, 7:55 PM