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Did You Know the Aeneid Has a Sequel? Renaissance Addendum!

Mini-MEMS Lunch and Learn December 1, 12:15 on WebEx



Date & Time

December 1, 2021, 12:15 pm12:45 pm – Canceled


Professor Timothy Phin, Ancient Studies, leads our newest online installment of the Mini-MEMS Lunch and Learns on December 1 at 12:15 on Webex:
Modern students of Latin have often felt that the 12th book of the Aeneid ends on an abrupt note.  Maffeo Vegio, a poet of the 15th century, agreed.  He penned an addendum to Vergil's poem, "completing" the work, and securing for himself quite a bit of fame.  This talk is an exploration of the Aeneid's "future." We will look at Vegio's work, his life, and the fervor for Vergil in the Renaissance.