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The 2021 Judith Shinogle Award Lecture

Featuring Public Policy Ph.D. candidate Zippora Kiptanui



Date & Time

November 11, 2021, 5:30 pm6:30 pm


“Evidence-base for Novel Drug Approval, Coverage and Cost-Control Strategies”

Zippora Kiptanui is a Public Policy Ph.D. candidate specializing in health policy. Through her dissertation, Zippora explores the conflict between the need for innovative medicines and the value assigned to them.


Dr. Judith Ann “Judy” Shinogle was a former Senior Research Scientist with the Maryland Institute for Policy Analysis and Research and Adjunct Associate Professor of Public Policy, who passed away in May 2012. Judy’s work for MIPAR included studies on gambling, childhood obesity, and wellness initiatives. Her published work includes articles on the effects of mental health insurance coverage on employees’ disabilities, mental health parity in insurance, economic costs of obesity, and pharmaceutical use among persons with disabilities.


The Judith A. Shinogle Memorial Fellowship is chosen by a faculty panel and awarded each year to a Health Policy doctoral student for their notable contribution to research in Health Policy. Each yeah in November, the student recipient presents their work at the Judith A. Shinogle Memorial Award Lecture.


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