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Rethinking the Return to “Normal” √ § Ͼ

Part of the FDC Diverse Classroom Series!



Date & Time

October 19, 2021, 12:00 pm1:00 pm


Do you cringe at the thought of “returning to normal” this year? Even if not, is it surprising to learn that several students are bracing themselves for, or currently struggling with, what it means to “return to normal?” Let’s dig deeper into this phenomenon unearthed by the ongoing pandemic; flexibility and accessibility allowed for a more inclusive learning environment, yet now these privileges may be disappearing. This session in the Diverse Classroom Series asks participants to reflect on the ways the “normal” college classroom in 2019 may have oppressed our diverse student body. Participants will gain perspective on how the sudden universal need for remote learning “evened the playing field” for some learners, especially those with intersectional identities. Finally, this session will encourage participants to be cognizant of how they can challenge the meaning of returning to normal, for their classroom(s).

Prior to attending, please explore one or more of these resources:
Please click “Going Virtually” below to reserve your seat for this session, and we will send you a Google calendar invitation with a WebEx link one hour before the session. If you register less than an hour before the session, you will receive the WebEx link when you register. Please email fdc@umbc.edu if you have any questions. If you have registered and find that you can no longer attend, please kindly release your spot so that others may attend.

√ Counts toward the ALIT Certificate
§ Counts toward the INNOVATE Certificate
Ͼ CIRTL graduate students are invited to attend

The Diverse Classroom Series
Launched in February 2017!

Sessions in this series are designed to help you capture UMBC’s strengths in diversity to create vibrant learning environments--environments that effectively challenge and support every student. During interactive sessions, faculty and staff colleagues will help you address challenges and explore key questions, for example,
  • How can you learn about your classroom audience to better connect with your students and reflect on their learning needs?
  • How can you make your classroom more hospitable for all learners?
  • How can you handle sensitive discussions in your classroom?
  • How can you ensure that students from different academic and social backgrounds and with different physical and cognitive abilities experience classrooms where they are welcomed, challenged, and supported?
All faculty are welcome to attend, especially those who...
  • aspire to make their classrooms more inclusive of our diverse student population.
For additional resources, see https://fdc.umbc.edu/teaching/the-diverse-classroom/.