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Reactivate Learning & Ready Students for Success √ §

How can you help students analyze their prior knowledge?



Date & Time

September 2, 2021, 12:00 pm1:00 pm


Using Reconnection Wrappers, Knowledge Probes, and Reflections to Help Students Reactivate Prior Learning, Resolve Gaps, and Ready Themselves for Success in Your Class

How can you help your students analyze their prior knowledge, so they can affirm learning gains and pinpoint areas that need attention? Students returning from remote learning will need mentoring and learning opportunities to empower them to tap into their self-regulation capacities and connect and synthesize learning from before, during, and after the pandemic. In this session, we’ll discuss reconnection wrappers, knowledge probes, and reflections--formative exercises designed to activate prior knowledge for new purposes and help teachers and students identify gaps in knowledge, skills, and abilities needed for effective learning in your class. We’ll discuss examples and ways to have intentional conversations with students about the challenges of integrating and enriching learning during the pandemic, helping them negotiate the difficulties of returning to the classroom.

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√ Counts toward ALIT Certificate
§ Counts towards INNOVATE Certificate