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Empathy at War: China and North Korea During the Korean War

Guest Lecture with Dr. Gregg Brazinsky, GWU


Library and Gallery, Albin O. Kuhn : Gallery

Date & Time

May 6, 2024, 1:00 pm2:30 pm


Asian Studies and the History Department are pleased to welcome George Washington University's Dr. Gregg Brazinsky to campus for a guest lecture entitled "Empathy at War: China and North Korea During the Korean War." 

Dr. Brazinsky's talk will look at the Korean War from the perspective of China and North Korea. It will focus on how Chinese and North Korean leaders mobilized their societies during the war and how they cultivated specific emotions among their soldiers and civilians. The reshaping of Chinese and North Korean society during the Korean War would have tremendous influence on both countries during the Cold War and in some ways remains important today. 

Dr. Brazinsky is Professor of History and International Affairs at GWU, and also is co-director of the East Asian National Resource Center. 

Join us for this engaging and informative session, as well as the light refreshments and coffee to follow. We look forward to seeing you there!