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Revitalizing Class Discussion √ §

What strategies can stimulate productive class discussion?



Date & Time

September 28, 2022, 12:00 pm1:00 pm


For new faculty members and teaching veterans alike, structuring and facilitating class discussions is often one of our most challenging pedagogical undertakings. As we return to the classroom following the trauma and uncertainty of the pandemic, many faculty report that it feels like more of a struggle than ever to engage students in the kinds of conversations that will help them to solidify their understanding. In this session, a panel of faculty innovators, Rebecca Adelman (Media & Communication Studies) and Foad Hamidi (Information Systems), will share strategies for stimulating productive class discussions and heading off common pitfalls. We will consider ways to prepare and motivate students for discussion, facilitate student-to-student interaction, and synthesize students' comments to connect them to your broader learning objectives.

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√ Counts toward the ALIT Certificate
§ Counts toward the INNOVATE Certificate

Part of the Provost’s New Faculty Lunch Series
Our longest running series!

Sessions in this series are designed to support new faculty as they transition to teaching at UMBC.  They involve sharing ideas on how to foster and assess student learning, including:
  • Effective and inclusive teaching approaches,
  • Efficient grading strategies, and
  • Campus resources for faculty and student success.
All faculty are welcome to attend.