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CAHSS Research Fellows Program for Academic Year 2018-19 (Deadline 11/1/2018)


The purpose of the CAHSS Research Fellows Program is to support outstanding research and creative activity and to advance the careers of College faculty members by permitting release time for one semester to focus on scholarship. Fellows will be relieved of teaching duties and, as possible and appropriate, of service duties for the Fall Semester 2019 or Spring Semester 2020, in order to pursue their proposed research programs. Each Fellow’s academic department will be compensated $6,600 for the faculty member’s release time.


Only tenured Associate Professors and full Professors are eligible to apply. Three fellowships will be available to tenured Associate Professors preparing for promotion to full. A fourth fellowship will be available with preference given to a full Professor.


Likelihood that the award will have a significant impact on the faculty member’s scholarship and career enhancement.  Priority will be given to: (1) Associate Professors preparing for promotion review in AY 20/21 or later; (2) faculty members who are competing for prestigious externally funded awards and fellowships; (3) faculty members for whom the release time would materially help bring a research project to completion; (4) faculty members who are shifting directions in their scholarship or research and for whom the fellowship would provide support for their transition; (5) faculty members who have not recently received a fellowship award or other full release from teaching assignments to support research.

Quality of Proposal and Application Packet.  Proposals should be written with attention to the instructions below and submitted in the requested format by the specified due date. Given the variety of disciplines in which proposals may be received, reviewers will not be asked to judge the scholarly merit of the proposed project per se, but applicants should describe the proposed project so that it may be understood by reviewers with little background in the area of proposed study. Proposals should outline a realistic and feasible set of objectives to be accomplished during the fellowship period. The proposal should be well organized, well written, and persuasive.


To apply, faculty members should forward electronically the following items to Tammy Brown by November 1, 2018.  This document, including the application cover sheet, is available to download here.

  1. Cover Sheet.
  2. A proposal of about 750 words, or about three double-spaced typewritten pages. The proposal should provide a description of activities to be performed; a clear and concise statement of the goals and expected outcomes of the fellowship semester; an explanation of the impact of fellowship support on the faculty member’s career advancement and program of research or scholarship; and the significance of the project to the field.  Applicants should take care to ensure that the proposal is clear to non-specialists in their fields.
  3. A current curriculum vitae in the UMBC format.
  4. A letter of support from the department Chair. Please note, in the event of multiple department submissions, ranking by the Chair is no longer required.


The CAHSS Research Advisory Committee will review the applications and provide its recommendations to the Dean, including the rationale for the recommendations, by December 3, 2018.

Fellows’ Reports

Fellows will submit a report of their accomplishments during the fellowship period to the Dean by the first day of classes of the subsequent semester. Send to the Dean via Tammy Brown.

For Additional Information

For additional information contact Associate Dean John Stolle-McAllister, x5-2130.


Last updated September 20, 2018.