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Departments & Programs

Centers and Programs   |   Scholars Programs

Africana Studies
Mathematics/Psychology, Room 222
(410) 455-2158
Tyson King-Meadows, Chair
Ms. Wanda Soares-Nottingham, Administrative Assistant

American Studies
Fine Arts, Room 453
(410) 455-6276
Dr. Theo Gonzalves, Chair
Ms. Norma Falk, Administrative Assistant

Ancient Studies
Fine Arts, Room 452
(410) 455-6265
Dr. Marilyn Goldberg, Chair
Ms. Domonique Pitts, Administrative Assistant II

Fine Arts, Room 467-C
(410) 455-2179
Ms. Carrol Hess , Chair
Ms. Tanika Hall, Program Management Specialist

Public Policy, Room 338
(410) 455-2160
Dr. Michael Bradley, Chair
Ms. Kelly Hodges, Administrative Assistant II

Academic IV, A Wing, Room 4
(410) 455-2465
Dr. Eugene Schaffer, Chair
Lisa Harris, Administrative Assistant II

Emergency Health Services
Academic IV, Room 316
(410) 455-3223
Dr. Bruce Walz, Chair
Ms. Renee Decker, Administrative Assistant II

Performing Arts and Humanities, Room 423
(410) 455-2480
Dr. Orianne Smith, Chair
Ms. Susan Harrell, Executive Administrative Assistant

Gender and Women’s Studies
ACIV A-Wing, Room 439
(410) 455-2001
Dr. Carole McCann, Chair
Ms. Elle Trusz, Program Management Specialist

Geography and Environmental Systems
Sondheim Hall, Room 211
(410) 455-2002
Dr. Sandy Parker, Chair
Ms. Robin Schmidbauer, Office Supervisor III

Administration, Room 709
(410) 455-2312
Dr. Marjoleine Kars, Chair
Ms. Faye Adams, Administrative Assistant II

Language, Literacy and Culture
Academic IV, A Wing, Room 427-1
(410) 455-1417
Dr. Craig Saper, Director
Ms. Liz Steenrod, Program Assistant

Media and Communication Studies 
Academic IV, A Wing, Room 214
(410) 455-2041
Dr. Jason Loviglio, Chair
Abigail Granger, Administrative Assistant II

Modern Languages, Linguistics & Intercultural Communication
Academic IV, B Wing, Room 146B
(410) 455-2109
Dr. Omar Ka, Chair
Jacalyn Babitz, Administrative Assistant II

Fine Arts, Room 509
(410) 455-2942
Dr. E. Michael Richards , Chair
Ms. Susan Velli, Administrative Assistant II

Fine Arts, Room 539
(410) 455-2103
Dr. Steve Yalowitz, Chair
Ms. Nafi Shahegh, Administrative Assistant II

Political Science
Public Policy, Room 311
(410) 455-2181
Dr. Jeffrey Davis, Chair
Ms. Emma Sellers, Program Management Specialist

Mathematics/Psychology, Room 310
(410) 455-2567
Dr. Christopher Murphy, Chair
Nicole Mooney, Program Management Specialist

Public Policy
Public Policy, Room 409
(410) 455-3201
Dr. Donald Norris, Chair
Ms. Pam Mollen, Administrative Assistant II

Sociology and Anthropology
Public Policy, Room 252
(410) 455-3979
Dr. J. Kevin Eckert, Chair
Ms. Elise Bruner, Program Management Specialist I

Performing Arts and Humanities, Room 322
(410) 455-2917
Mr. Nyalls Hartman, Chair
Laurie Newton-King, Business Services Specialist

Visual Arts
Fine Arts, Room 111
(410) 455-2150
Mr. Vin Grabill, Chair
Ms. Eva Holley, Administrative Assistant


Administrative and Managerial Sciences
Public Policy, Room 343
(410) 455-2178
Jeanne St. Martin, Certificate Program Director

Asian Studies 
Administration Building, Room 720-721
(410) 455-2094
Dr. Constantine N. Vaporis, Director
Ms. Julie Rosenthal, Program Management Specialist

Center for Art, Design and Visual Culture
Fine Arts Building, 1st Floor
(410) 455-3188
Mr. Symmes Gardner, Executive Director
Ms. Janet Magruder, Business Manager

Center for Innovation, Research, and Creativity in the Arts
(410) 455-2151
Dr. Tim Nohe, Director

Center for Excellence in STEM Education
A collaboration between the UMBC Department of Education and
the College of Engineering & Information Technology
Academic IV, B Wing, Room 220
(410) 455-8082
Dr. Susan Blunck, Director
Ms. Hillary Chung, Administrative Assistant

Center for History Education
Administration, Room 707
(410) 455-2046
Dr. Daniel Ritschel, Director
Ms. Rachel Brubaker, Director of Program Administration

Center for Language Initiatives
Academic IV, B Wing, Room 148B
Dr. Brigitte May, Director

Dresher Center for the Humanities
Performing Arts and Humanities, Room 215
(410) 455-6798
Dr. Jessica Berman, Director
Ms. Mary Welsh, General Assistant

Public Policy, Room 218
(410) 455-8142
Dr. Leslie Morgan , Director
Ms. Dawn Galindo, Administrative Assistant

Global Studies
Public Policy, Room 311
(410) 455-2185
Dr. Devin Hagerty, Director

Health Administration and Policy
Public Policy, Room 220
(410) 455-2342
Dr. Mary Stuart, Director
Ms. Cathy McDonnell, Administrative Assistant II

Imaging Research Center
Information Technology/Engineering, Room 101
(410) 455-3373
Mr. Dan Bailey, Director
Lee Boot, Research Associate Professor

Judaic Studies
Performing Arts and Humanities, Room 302
(410) 455-8639
Dr. Michele Osherow, Director

The Martha Ross Center for Oral History
Administration, Room 732
(410) 455-2312
Dr. Barry A. Lanman, Director
Ms. Darlene Faye Adams, Administrative Assistant

Maryland Institute for Policy Analysis and Research
Public Policy, Room 428
(410) 455-1080
Dr. Donald F. Norris, Director
Ms. Jean Tolson, Administrative Assistant


More information on UMBC scholarships is available at

Humanities Scholars Program
(410) 455-8087
Dr. Ana Oskoz, Acting Program Director

Linehan Artist Scholar Program
Fine Arts, Room 519
(410) 455-2950
Dr. Doug Hamby , Director

Sondheim Public Affairs Scholars Program
Public Policy Building, Room 313
(410) 455-2196
Dr. Arthur Johnson, Director
Jessica Cook, Associate Director